Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Deaf News

Please be mindful of potential cancellation/rescheduling of events due to inclement weather.


Daylight Saving Time begins SundayMarch 8, 20152:00am.  (Update clocks if needed before you go to bed Saturday night).


ASL Interpreters in Mainstream Classrooms


March 6th Friday - "Deaf Family Fun Dinner Night" at 6pm

Memphis Incredible Pizza Co.

1245 N. Germantown Pkwy #104,

Cordova, TN 38016

(901) 309-3132


March 13th Friday Deaf Social Dinner at McAlister Deli, 580 S. Mendenhall Rd., Memphis, TN 38117 at 6pm.


March 14, Saturday, 11:00 a.m.

Read With Me, Sign With Me 

Benjamin  L. Hooks Central Library  

3030 Poplar Ave.

Memphis, TN 38111


March 20th Friday Silent Dinner at Wolfchase Mall in Foods Court at 6pm.


March 27, 6 p.m.

Deaf Coffee Chat

Starbucks at 970 N. Germantown Pkwy

Cordova, TN 38018


March 28, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Parent Workshop

IDEA and Eligibility Training

Methodist/LeBonhuer Germantown

7691 Poplar Ave

Classroom 1 and P2003 Pavillon 

Childcare and activities available

Interpreter provided


Free Sign Language Class at Southaven Library The M. R. Davis Public Library will offer a free sign language class on 

Fridays from 4:30 p.m to 5:30 p.m.

starting February 20 (The Feb 20 had to be canceled due to inclement weather… call the library when experiencing inclement weather to see if the class is still scheduled).

and ending March 27.

Call the library at (662) 342-0102 if you plan to attend.

8554 Northwest Drive Southaven, MS, 38671


Stay Connected

Memphis Deaf Community of the Mid-South:

KWBCD go to



Check out the links below to find out churches with deaf ministries or interpreted services.  If you have something to add, double click the space.

Deaf Churches/Churches with interpreted service..

For events that may be coming up at your church (revival, etc.), post to this link:  .  Items should be removed after the event.


3-4-15 – Eng. I – Harris
Note:  J is absent again.  I talked with her mom yesterday; she is taking her to the doctor. I told this to Ms. Harris when she asked.
Note:  On board:  EXTRA CREDIT:  rm. E201 = Tues./Th.= 2:30 – 3:30 / 20 HWPTS.
Note:  M turned in a paper that noticeably had crumbled edges.  Ms. Harris noted this.  M read from his note cards.  It was obvious he had not practiced trying to commit most of what he wrote to memory.  He did have a prop, however, a basketball uniform top.  Yeah!
Note:  M, whenever you have an important paper to turn in be sure you keep it in a folder or some kind of protective place so that the edges won’t get bent and the pages don’t get dirty.
(Mrs. Ferrell, FYI:  I don’t believe—from what I saw—M understood what is the purpose of and advantage to using note cards and how you do more of an outline, then a word-by-word account.  Also, his handwriting being so small and his never skipping lines, caused him to hold his cards closer to his eyes than what would normally be necessary, creating a problem with his being able to project his voice).
  1. Do Now:  In one word, Yesterday’s speeches were mostly___________________.
  2. Continuation of speeches:
  1. Lilianna (“Lilly”) = speech on eating healthy foods and its benefits
  2. Ramon = topic on why marijuana should be evil
  3. Angel = topic on suicide and tips to prevent it
  4. Mario = topic on the advantages of playing basketball
  5. ?                = topic on dangers of drinking and driving
  6. Corea  = topic on how to save money by sewing your own clothes & advantages to it
  7. L = topic on charging stations and the need for more
  8. David = topic—interesting—being aware of your surroundings
  9. Demario = topic on dangers of stealing
Note to all:  Check with parent connect or whatever as grades are changing.  If you have an 80 on a speech and a 90 on an essay, it’s not helping you much.  The essay and speech may well be merged and you will get one grade.  If we are here Friday we will still take the 13 Reasons Why TEST.  If you turned in a poster for extra pts., you got points.  One student went from a 71 to a 79.  When I give you extra credit opportunities you need to take advantage of that.  Be sure everyone has taken the True/False quiz; be sure you’ve turned in your composition books.
Note to all:  Be sure you log into parent connect and check out your grades and see if there is any reason you need to submit work or see Ms. Harris.
Regarding speeches, Ms. Harris mentioned that she didn’t know how most of them were persuasive as assigned, as many students just gave a report on the topic, more than attempting to persuade the audience to do or to change.

Spanish Wednesday

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


3-3-15 – Harris Eng. 1

Note:   is absent.  

Note:  Ms. Harris announced that if you were supposed to give your speech today, but you chose to be absent instead, too bad.  You will not be allowed to make it up. This does not bode well for who will not get a grade---a very big grade!!!


Note:  M needs to be prepared to give his speech tomorrow, and not read it from cards!!  He can refer to his cards but he has to pretty much KNOW what his paper says, as he turns that in before he gives his speech.

1. Do Now!  W.C. book, pgs. 288-290.  Write the steps of the persuasive writing process.  Give a brief summary of each step.
2. On board:  Objective:  Determine proper public speaking/presentation strategies.
3. On board:  Homework:  Prepare for your speech.  Finalize your essay.  
4. On board:  Prepare for 13 Reasons Why Test Friday
5. We began speeches today.
a) First person = spoke about feelings of anxiety and the different kinds
b) Michelle = spoke about the harmful effects of violent video games
c) Sawyer = Spoke about harmful effects of pollution
d) Janeisha = spoke about teenage depression
e) Camryn = spoke about bullying and the different kinds
f) Robert = spoke about pollution & the different kinds
g) Chanya = spoke about school lunches and other options
h) Safi = spoke of the dangers of cigarette smoking



For more information about your final exam, see Mrs. Satar's website. You need to be practicing the prompts on your own time. . 

Here is the newest Quizlet with our new vocabulary information.


Workshop for parents

HIP reading

Today we did a transportation packet. 

They are to finish it for homework. 

Monday, March 2, 2015


3-2-15 Eng. I – Harris

1. Do Now:  Name 3 expectations that you have for a speaker that’s presenting information to you.
2. Smartboard:  Speaker Etiquette

Note:  Be sure you have a “hook”; maybe tell a joke at the beginning of your speech.

Speaking in public can be scary.  However, it can be a very rewarding experience.  Developing skills and confidence as a speaker requires practice.


1. Stand up straight.  Do not slump or sway
2. Speak slowly and clearly pronouncing words correctly
3. Look at the audience.  Speakers will be viewed as better informed and more sincere if they have eye contact with the audience.
4. Emphasize main points by letting your voice rise and fall.
5. Use gestures and facial expressions to express and to show enthusiasm for your topic.
6. Use note cards to guide you 
7. Practice your speech
8. Be excited and motivated.
9. Dress to compliment your speech.
10. Relax; be proud of what you have to say.

Be sure and involve your audience; you may ask a rhetorical question but you really don’t expect an answer.  This is not a time for Q and A’s.  Walk around, engage your audience, look at them.

If you make a good point in your speech but it’s not in your essay, that’s perfectly fine.

On board:  

HOMEWORK:  Prepare for your speech. Finalize your essay.  Prepare for 13 Reasons Why Test on FRIDAY!!!


Quiz:  13 Reasons Why

Go to pg. 156 on “13 Reasons Why” and begin studying that. What did Zach do to Hannah? What positive difference did it make?  What did Zach do?  Did he have good intentions to begin with? No.  What are his motives?  He saw Marcus get rejected, and he made a bet with his friends, and he tried to succeed where his friends did not.  Did Zach have a right to be offended?  Zach took Hannah’s attitude as rejection.  His response to what he perceived as being rejected was a little extreme.  He was taking a peer communication class.  The one thing they could not talk about was suicide.  They wanted to know a name when they talked about that.  What is “one kind thing?” What exercise did they do in that peer communication class? What did Zach do that was so long?  Encouragement notes.  In this class, everybody has a bag, but Zach intercepted all of her positive notes.  For her it was a big deal.  That was a pretty mean thing.  No one has the right to steal your “mail” and that’s what we’re dealing with here.

We’re going to use our positive, vivid expressions and do a “one kind thing” in class on Thursday.  

BE SURE YOU ARE PREPARED FOR YOUR SPEECH!!  If you need any help on your speeches let her know today.  Tomorrow:  speeches are from people with last names are A – K.


Physical Science

Also. Open book Chapter 8 test tomorrow. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Deaf Painting

In December, we held a painting event and everyone enjoyed their time and asked us to do it again. Come join us again for a great time!

We are having the painting class this Saturday, March 7, 2015 from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm at Deaf Connect.

No experience necessary! It is $25 per person. All supplies are provided and you will leave with a completed painting. :-)

Please RSVP and let me know that you will join us so we can make sure to have enough supplies for all attending.

We hope to see you there!

Summer Chappell

Friday, February 27, 2015


2-26-15 – Eng. I – Harris
  1. Do Now:  Study the cover of your book (13 Reasons Why).  Analyze what you see.  Create 5 captions based upon our analysis.
  2. Homework:  Read Cassette 5, Sides A and B
Coming Due Soon:  Persuasive Speeches 03/03 and 03/04
Draw a Venn diagram.  On one circle write the name “Marcus” and on the other write “Zach.”  How are they different –how are they alike?
Channel 5 news report was shown about a suicide in Lakeland—2 young suicides. “Lakeland suicide in 2 days”
Ms. Harris, “Anything can happen…anywhere.”

Channel 5 news report was about an Arlington high student who jumped to his death on an expressway. Other teenagers and adults tweeted about being yourself, don’t try to be what someone else wants you to be, and don’t be afraid to open up.  There is a suicide hotline—don’t be afraid to use it if you feel the need.

2-27-15 – Harris – Eng. 1
Note:  Mario needs to finish his work from yesterday in Learning Lab.
Note: 2nd day in a row that C has been late to class.
  1. Do Now:  Check of journals- composition books put on table – Be sure you date each entry!  She said write the snow days and if you didn’t, you miss 5 “Do Now’s”.  She handed me L's and J’s books.  They got 30% --they didn’t do the snow days and some work in there was incomplete.
  2. Coming Due Soon:  Persuasive Speeches:  03/03 & 03/04
  3. On board:  Homework:  Read Cassettes 1 – 7A  - Complete reading by Monday  - Quiz?
  4. Handout:  Characters in 13 Reasons Why:  on one side of that handout record the following and number the order in which they appear:  (Ex:  1. Justin):  
  • Marcus
  • Ryan
  • Tyler
  • Alex
  • Justin
  • Zach
  • Jessica
  • Courtney
Be sure you do the back, too, as the back is a review.

Note to all:
Simile = watch for clue words:  like    or   as:
Ex:  The sun is like a red rubber ball.
Metaphor= compares 2 things/people without using “like” or “as”:
Ex:  The sun is a red rubber ball.
Personification=Gives human-like characteristics to things that are not human:
Ex:  The fog kept whispering my name.
(fog is a condition of the weather—it can’t “whisper”)
Hyperbole= obvious exaggeration:
Ex: J texted L a thousand times but she never answered.
(J didn’t really do anything 1,000 times!)

Be sure you are working on the persuasive speeches that you will have to give orally in class.

Biology Kannady

Here is your study guide for your open notes test on Monday. You will not be able to use this on your test Friday so it is important that you still study. You can however copy these into your notes.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Deaf News

When we experience inclement weather, check Wally’s Facebook to see if event is still scheduled:


ASL 101 class begins Monday, March 2, 2015 at 6:15 in Germantown. Go for details.


If you know anyone near Hancock, MS

“Hancock County, MS. is desperate for interpreters. 3 students right now are being left without interpreters. Please contact Kelly Schwartz(228) 466-6340 if anyone is interested in the positions.”


California School for the Deaf/Early Childhood Education uploaded new videos:

Some Videos Added: Feelings , Basic ASL Vocabulary for Babies, Most commonly used phrases with babies


February 27, 6 p.m.

Deaf Coffee Chat

Starbucks at 970 N. Germantown

Cordova, TN 38018



February 28, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Tennessee Hands & Voices invites parents to Parent Educational Advocacy Workshops (The first in a series of workshops).

Topic: Document Management for IEP’s

Free for Hands & Voices members.  $5 for non-members.

All families will receive a 3-ring notebook to get you organized.

Methodist/Lebonhuer Germantown

7691 Poplar Ave - Room 2086

Child care and activities available.  Interpreter provided.

See Flyer for Sponsors:


Free Sign Language Class at Southaven Library The M. R. Davis Public Library will offer a free sign language class on 

Fridays from 4:30 p.m to 5:30 p.m.

starting February 20 (The Feb 20 had to be canceled due to inclement weather… call the library when experiencing inclement weather to see if the class is still scheduled).

and ending March 27.

Call the library at (662) 342-0102 if you plan to attend.

8554 Northwest Drive Southaven, MS, 38671


White House staffer Leah Katz-Hernandez is a pioneer on the reception desk


Black Deaf Actress - Atlanta


I haven’t watched this interpreted interview yet:

I Want to be an Interpreter Part 1:

I Want to be an Interpreter Part 2:

(These were found on )