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Yay for Christmas Break!!

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12-12-14 – Harris – Eng. 1
  1. Do Now: Write 10 things that you remember from August until now that you would expect to see on the exam.  Be specific.
  2. Ms. Harris asked for questions regarding homework.  Since no one had any, she collected homework.
  3. Participles:  Know definitions of that and of a verbal.  If its describing something and it ends in “ing” it’s a participle.
  4. Know what is a participial phrase and how it is used:  We watched the best teams playing football.  A phrase like this at the beginning of a sentence is usually followed by a comma.  Such as:  Throwing their hats in the air, the fans cheered the team at the airport.
  5. “ing” = and it’s describing something it’s a participle.
  6. “ing” = and it functions as a noun (answering who or what) it’s a gerund.
Students, note:
What may confuse you is that a participle is “part” verb but it is not the main verb in a sentence:
Ex:  We noticed the cracked window. = “noticed” = main verb  / “cracked” = looks like a verb, has an “ed” to it, but works like an adjective because it describes “window.”
Ex:  Creeping slowly to his bus, the student was unaware of his upset driver. =
Student = subject Was = verb (linking) creeping slowly = participial phrase describing the subject, student.
Another example (from internet):
My father's hair, streaked with gray and receding on both sides, is combed straight back to his collar.
Is combed = main verb Receding = present participle Streaked = past participle
Exam Review:  Class participated in bringing up topics that Ms. Harris may well include on her review information for the exam next Tuesday:  (Jaelynn and Mario did a good job recording most of what was brought up and all that was written on the board (by another student):
  • 8 parts of speech – (Mario, you need to study these!!) – know the function of each and be able to recognize each as well.
  • The Tale of Two Cities
  • “Romeo and Juliet”
  • Plot
  • Conflict – (what it means; what are the 2 kinds)
  • Plot diagram – (know all 5 parts and how they’re sequenced.  What 2 things are included in the setting of a story (time and place )
  • Similes vs. metaphors
  • Gerunds
  • Participles
  • Character analysis
  • Irony – (know the different kinds)
  • Fiction – (know 3 types:  novel, short story, and novella)
  • Non-fiction –
  • Comedy vs. tragedy
  • Meaning of “Act
  • Stage directions
  • Summary vs. paraphrase
  • Protagonist vs. antagonist
  • Prepositional phrases
  • Monologue vs. soliloquy
  • Iambic pentameter vs. blank verse
  • Allusion vs. illusion
  • Inferences
  • Foreshadowing
  • Flashback
  • aside
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Vocabulary
  • Personification
  • hyperbole
  • Symbolism
  • Writer’s tone
  • 3 Points of View
  • Colloquialism
  • Dialogue vs. dialect
  • Compare vs. Contrast
  • Theme
  • Different types of Drama
  • Dynamic vs. Static characters

I don’t believe this was brought up, but you might do well to study “appositives” as well.

Biology today

Today we did 3 cool labs. 

It's Ugly Sweater day, did you wear your ugly sweater?

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Ugly Sweater Day

Tomorrow is Ugly Sweater Day at School. So wear the Ugliest Christmas Sweater you have, but no jeans allowed. 

HIP Reading

HIP Reading

All week we have been reviewing for our Final that is next Wedneday.

Students need to study their final review and their cards.

We will do voc cards for a few minutes friday and then we will watch a sign story.

Chapter 14 and Economics Final

For those of you who want to do Chapter 14 study guide, I am just going to post everything.

US Debt Clock:

Study Guide:


112-11-14 – Harris – Eng. I
Note:  L now has a writer’s choice book!

  1. Be sure you have checked parent connect as all grades are very current and very accurate.
  2. She’s checking the Do Nows and there’s only 3 of them.  Do your Do Now!
  3. Do Now:  W.C. pg. 513, Ex. 6 (1-5), & Lit. Bk., read pgs. 1002 – 1005.
  4. Homework:  (on board) Verbs and Verbal Phrases, pg. 523-524, Ex. 8 & 9.
  5. Review the Do Now for today.  
  6. Ms. Harris turned the class over to me and using a worksheet I created on recognizing different kinds of “objects” and “subjects,” verbs, etc.  Students were to complete these for homework and also do what Ms. Harris had on the board.
  7. Check your Parent Connect to see your grade.

US History

Here is a study guide for your US History Exam.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

US History

Chapter 8 Test Thursday

Here is a Quizlet to help you study. Thank goodness for 5th periods initiative for a Quizlet. You can thank them later.

The readings and the power points can be found in the Chapter 8 Google Docs Folder. See below.



1. Notes - Sections 1 - 4 (cornell form)

2. Guided Readings 
     Chapter 8 Section 1
     Chapter 8 Section 2
     Chapter 8 Section 3
     Chapter 8 Section 4
     Chapter 8 Section 5

      (sections 4 & 5 - I forgot to pass out, so you can get them from the blog (see above), which many already have. I will pass them out in class tomorrow as well)

3. The Jungle - Reading & Questions

4. Nineteenth Amendment - Pro & Anti-Suffrage reading

5. Trustbuster/Teddy Roosevelt Reading - Chunking exercise


Physical Science

English Wednesday Harris

Important Note:  Whenever you take any informational test, be sure you read the questions first.
Do Now:  Be specific about your experience with yesterday’s assessment.  What did you do well on?  What didn’t you know?
All those who had not finished their Discovery Tests from yesterday got to work on them today, including J.
  1. Began with Prep. Phrases = all were asked to take out their homework.  We began on pg. 519 then moved to pg. 520, Ex. 3
  2. Note:  M needs to recite his prepositional phrases and to study them!!
  3. We moved on to appositives, Ex. 5 on pg. 521, writing just the appositives.  Do ex.  6, pg. 522.  Do #6-10 now or finish for homework.
Note:  Do Now check will be either on 12/12 or 12/15.  Be sure you have everything you need to in your Do Nows.

Spanish Wednesday

Today we watched a movie in spanish today while some students took the interview portion of their test.

See previous post to see what to study. Finish up your notebooks too.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

US History

Today we continued going over notes and started a chunking exercise. 

The reading and the power point can be found in the Chapter 8 Google Docs Folder

Remember to finish past guided readings. 

Finish reading chunking exercise and questions. 

Finish Chapter 8.4 & 5 Guided Reading (Due Wednesday)

Thursday: Chapter 8 Test (I will post some more info about it tomorrow)

Friday: Notebook Check

Physical Science

Spanish Tuesday

Spanish PowerPoint

For the Exam.... PLEASE study all of the Quizlets.

Review for Interview portion of the Exam

Monday, December 8, 2014


12-8-14English 1 – Harris
Answer Yes or No:
  1. I was given an opportunity to make up work_.
  2. I was given a progress report by the school and Ms. Harris___.
  3. I took y progress reports home____.
  4. I am sometimes given the opportunity for group collaboration___.
  5. I know that Ms. Harris is available after school, and I must ask for missed assignments when I’m absent___.
Do Ex. 17, pg. 504, 1-10.
  • Study sheet on “What are Complements?” was presented (by me) and students were quizzed as to what the complements are in given sentences.

  • Tomorrow you will go to the library—do not come here first!

  • We will be taking the Discovery Test.
  • Wed., Th., and Fri. are a few things, Mon. we’ll finish up some things, and then Tues. is a review day.
  • Prepositional phrase:  know definition. Write this down.  She asked the students to read prepositions off an index card.
  • Ex. 1 & 5.  You will find 25 prepositional phrases.  Find the page in your book that has a list of

Homework:  Sign up for Parent Connect


We are doing a lab on Thursday. You can bring materials for the lab for 5 points extra credit.

What we need:
Food coloring, Coffee filters, small cups, kool aid singles, pretzels, gold fish, M&M's

This week we will be talking about things moving in and out of the cell.
PowerPoint to come


Username: Greenwichps
Password: GPS2009

Passive Transport

Active Transport




Facilitated Diffusion



Spanish Monday

Spanish Power Point

Semester Study Guide

Semester Exam: Speaking Portion

Friday, December 5, 2014

Spanish Friday

Thursday's PowerPoint

Friday's Powerpoint
Finish for homework. 

HIP Reading

We will watch the Brain Pop Adulthood:

Username: Greenwichps
Password: GPS2009

Job Application Practice

REVIEW DAY: Students will be given out a Final Study guide

Vocabulary Review
VP Review

Vocabulary Review
Binder Check

What is going to be on their final Exam:
1. All Vocabulary from the year
2. They must know their phone number
3. Jay and Dejon must know Deaf Connects Phone Number
4. They must be able to fill out their first, middle, and last name, and phone number on a job application.
4. They must show me that they know how use the VP by calling a family member.

US History

QUIZ on Monday over Chapter 8.2 and 8.3

Here are the items for review for the quiz...

19th Amendment
Florence Kelly
National Consumer's League
Temperance Movement
Ida B. Wells
Carrie Chapman Catt
Booker T Washington
W.E.B. DuBois
Niagara Movement
Anti-Defamation League 

Today we did the Guided Readings for Chapter 8 Section 2 and 3. 
You can find the worksheet in the US History Chapter8 Folder


12-5-14 – English I- Harris
Note:  Mario is here—missed the review—and is now taking his test.  Yeah, he got new glasses or got his old ones fixed!  Laresa used my book this morning; Jaelynn left hers in her locker.
  1. Do Now:  Ex. 23, pg. 509, W.C. book.
  2. On board write all the definitions of everything in blue from 504 to 507, that’s 7 definitions.