Thursday, January 29, 2015


HIP Reading

Today we had a cleaning day and everyone was rock stars.

Spanish Thursday

Remember that power points are being put on Mrs. Satar's website under Quarter 3. They will be posted after 2:15 everyday and you need to know her website password which is posted in her classroom.

Homework due:
Edmodo Due by midnight tonight. 

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Here is your project info, which is also on the blog.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


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Remember that power points are being put on Mrs. Satar's website under Quarter 3. They will be posted after 2:15 everyday and you need to know her website.

Here is our Quizlet link

US History

US History

Tuesday we discussed a propaganda worksheet. See below.

Remember that you should be finishing your guided reading. You can also find them on the link above.



We went over Chapter 10 Section 3 Notes


Monday, January 26, 2015

US History

Finish notes for section 2. Also complete your guided reading section 3. No quiz for those that complete everything.

Chapter 10 Notes/Guided Reading Etc.


1-26-15 – HARRIS – ENG. 1
  1. Pg. 498.  Biographical writing
  1. Writer-subject connection –know what the relationship is that links you with that person  (2) Research – you need to research that person; find out information (using primary source documents- you need to go to the library or can go to google   (3) Interpretation – what you think after you’ve read all the information on the person  (4) Choose a Subject – choose something you’re interested in doing.

  1. On board:  Do Now:  “Pleased to Make your Acquaintance”  - Select a person you know well.  Write a paragraph introducing us to them.
  2. Today’s Objective:  Determine the meaning of biographical writings.
  3. Homework:  Writer’s Choice:  Pg. 543, Ex. 6.
  4. What did Arthur Ashe like about himself?  What did he do for a living?  He liked his demeanor – he called it “controlled cool.”  His mom died when he was very young, and this was very tragic for him.  
  5. We saw a brief video on the life of Arthur Ashe, famous African-American tennis player who died from Aids.
  6. Note:  everything you write about somebody should be true.  Look at the 6 things listed in your book to establish a connection with you and the person you’re writing about.
  7. On paper draw a circle (like the sun) and put your name in the middle.  On the rays (of the sun) write down your qualities.
  8. We may well have a quiz this week!!
  9. Do (on worksheet ) B. #1 & 2. And the rest of your homework.

Physical Science

Chapter 7 vocab test is Wednesday in physical science. 

Video Phone

HIP Reading

Last week we continued to work on the following words:
Left, Right, Up, Down, Under, Over, In Out

Today we added Before and after. We had a little trouble with this today, so please feel free to be working on these words at home.

Sign for before

Sign for after

US History

Here is the assignment from Friday. We read the Speeches and answered the questions on Friday. Students are suppose to finish the questions for homework.

Spanish Monday

Remember that Mrs. Satar's power point is on her blog.

Remember that Mrs. Satar has posted Edmodo homework for the week.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

US History Chapter 10

Here are the notes from Chapter 10. He wants you to finish copying section one for homework.

Martin Luther King Speech in ASL

ASL Translation of "I have a Dream..." Speech, MLK Jr.

More Videos & Games at IsportsTV


1-21-15 – HARRIS – ENG. 1
Note:  Mary Terry was here for Sherry McCoy ☺  I reminded C that I email Ms. Beasley and Mrs. Ferrell both my notes each day and for her to ask her for a copy, if she wants.

  1. Do Now:  W.C. book page 542, Ex. 3 (All).
  2. Homework (on board):  Read and take notes on pages 550 – 560 – Lit. Book – D
  3. Ms. Harris graded and returned journals.
  4. Class was told to answer the questions in the side margins of the pages on FDR’s speech but to be sure and write the questions, too.

Biology Meiosis Help



Mitosis Meiosis Picture

Meiosis Videos:

Virtual Lab:

Deaf News

See Feb 6th for information on JOB LINC Mobile Unit

I’m looking for a clip or someone to sign …
You know that sign that can mean an avid reader… looks like someone into (smelling??) a book?  I shared it with the students I interpret for, but I really need them to see a native signer doing it.

Tech Signs: An ASL Resource

The Described and Captioned Media Program has a new app.  It may be buggy and they request feedback.  If you do not have an account, they have a Guest Login feature with a smaller database of material.

Check out the publication “Mainstream News” online:
One highlight in the current issue:
Learn why students with hearing loss need opportunities to recharge after periods of intense listening. Our lead article offers simple ways to incorporate breaks for students across the grades.

I just came across this Church Executive issue about making church accessible.  I plan to read it this week, but wanted to go ahead and share.  I may provide comments on it later.

Please keep me posted if you are aware of any upcoming sign language classes in the community.  

Check out these deaf students signing “Shake it Off”

1/27/15 - 2/7/15
Get your taxes done for free at DeafConnect of the Mid-South! Book your timeslots:


January 23, 2015, 6pm at Starbucks
Deaf Coffee Chat
970 N. Germantown
Cordova, TN 38018

January 31, 2015
Benefits Bazaar
As an experienced caregiver of a deaf or hard of hearing child older than age10, you are cordially invited to share your needs, thoughts and ideas.
Saturday, Janury 31st, 2015
8:00a.m.—9:00a.m. FREE Registration and morning reception
9:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Information Sharing
PLEASE see flyer for information on how to RSVP and provide the number of children who will need free childcare.
The event will be at:
Colonial Middle School  - 1370 Colonial Road, Memphis, TN 38117

Friday, Feb 6th 11:00a.m -2:00p.m  
JOB LINC Mobile Unit   
DeafConnect of the Mid-South
144 N. Bellevue Blvd

  • Listings of available jobs
  • Aid in locating training opportunities  
  • One-on-one assistance in conducting job searches and preparing for interviews
  • Job readiness workshops

I felt led to donate to the "quadruplets" fund after their mother passed away after the babies were born.  I didn't know her but she was originally from Memphis.   My prayers are for the father, the preemie babies, and supporting family - and that the funds go to the father to help relieve some of the financial burden (the fund was set up by a friend).


Self Service Postings
I have created a Padlet Wall for you to post your deaf churches or churches with interpreted services.  Just double click and type the requested information.

For events that may be coming up at your church (revival, etc.), post to this link:  .  Items should be removed after the event.


Remember that all Mrs. Satar's Power Points are on her website.

You have your Note Book due FRIDAY
You have a quiz Friday
You have edmodo homework due by Thursday night at midnight.


Here is Everything I have for Chapter 2:

Remember you need to be working on the following:
Chapter 2 Vocabulary
Chapter 2 Guided Reading
3 Current Event Articles: Due Every Friday

50 States Test on Friday:
Be practicing your 50 States: Here is a game to help.

Here is a Map with the States Labeled.

Here is a Blank Map with a Key:

We will start chapter 2: this means that Chapter 2 vocabulary is due on Chapter 2 test day as well as the chapter 2 guided reading. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Alg 1

Bafford Government

50 States Test on Friday if not before:

Be practicing your 50 States: Here is a game to help.

Here is a Map with the States Labeled.

Here is a Blank Map with a Key:

We will start chapter 2: this means that Chapter 2 vocabulary is due on Chapter 2 test day as well as the chapter 2 guided reading. 

US History


Today we discussed meiosis and students worked on their cell cycle worksheet during 4th. 


1-20-15- Harris Eng. 1
Note:  J and L did not have their books!  C and M did.
Note:  J and L need to study the difference in main and subordinate clauses.
Ex:  Although yesterday was Monday, we had a holiday.
     (the above cannot stand on its own, so it is subordinate)
We came to school today because school is in session.
   (the above cannot stand alone, so it’s subordinate)
  1. Do Now:  Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday – January 20, 2015 – Discuss at least 3 things from Mr. Mizell’s presentation.
  2. As always, following journal writing Ms. Harris calls on the kids at random to have them read aloud or relate what they wrote and more importantly, why they wrote what they wrote.
  3. Pg. 539, Writer’s Choice: On a piece of paper—which you should have ready at all times anyway and have it on your desk at all times—write the definition of a “clause.”  An independent or main clause is a clause that can stand alone because it has both a subject and a predicate (verb).
  4. Note 2 independent clauses can be joined by “and.”
  5. Open lit bk. To pg. 540 and look up “degenerate.”  (This was done as Camyrn couldn’t give Harris a sentence with “degenerate” in it).
  6. She asked the class to take out their homework.
  7. We reviewed homework.  (Mario did very well on his! )
  8. The main clause = the independent clause.
  9. Subordinate clause = dependent clause.  These clauses canNOT stand alone.
  10. Subordinate clauses must be attached to a main clause for it to make sense.
  11. Ms. Harris collected homework.  She fussed at the class as some students did not turn in their homework and some did not even recall we had homework (which has been on theboard for some time).
  12. Lit. bk. Pg. 550.  Get background on Franklin Roosevelt’s speech—another persuasive speech—by studying the vocabulary first and then reading the background info.
  13. Yeah, Mario!  He advocated for himself and asked for an explanation about his low group grade.  I think he understands now.

Spanish Tuesday

Remember that all the power points can be seen on Mrs. Satar's website. 

Also dont forget that you need to complete your edmodo for the week. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

My Seniors on Senior Swag Day


Test Over Chapter 1 on Monday. Here is the Study Guide to help you study.


This weekend marks the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's life and legacy regarding civil rights in America. Many of us don't take much time to fully consider the impact of Dr. King on the Civil Rights movement over this weekend. We often times forget to consider the principles and strategies Dr. King employed to fight an unjust system. These were revolutionary strategies that took extreme courage and measured practice to bring about change. Non-violence in the face of violence was effective in bringing about change to the Jim Crow South, and we should consider these principles today when we deal with contemporary examples of injustice. 

Read the article from the Smithsonian website and respond to the following prompt. 

Prompt: Why was Dr. King's belief in Non-Violent protest effective during the Civil Rights movement? Do you think this is an appropriate response to protesting modern instances of injustice (i.e - in the case of Ferguson, MO)? 

In order to earn 50 POINTS extra credit (on any test or quiz), your response must be at least 350 words. Please submit these to coach Yarbrough's email ( by the end of school Tuesday, Jan. 20.

 For Version B Students. If you have not been told that you are a version B, this is not for you :)
 read and write a summary of the day's events (as portrayed in the article)