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US History EOC Study Guide 2


1.     Andrew Carneige: Steel

2.     John Rockefeller: Oil

3.     Cornelius Vanderbilt: Railroad

4.     Meatpacking: Armourine Swift

5.     Thomas Eddison: Made a way to make streetcars electric. Created Light Bulb

6.     Electricity: How did it improve daily life? Made commuting to work easier

7.     Steam Shovel improved the efficiency (making it easier) of mining

8.     Push Factors: Reasons that push you to United States
9.     Pull Factors: Reasons that pull, make you want to leave the United States

10.   Railroad Industry: Any questions with these are related to the railroad.
·       Granger Laws
·       Gragers
·       Interstate Commerce Act
·       Populist Party = high Railroad costs = favored an increase in $ supply and free coinage of silver & backed W.J. Bryan for president = “Cross of Gold” speech

11.   Marcus Garvey: Black guy wanted to send black people back to Africa.

12.   George Pullman: involved with Railroad car Industry

13.   Author Zimmerman: Wrote a note to Mexico
Zimmerman Note: Said if Mexico invaded America then

14.   Muckrakers: Journalists who wrote about corrupt side of journalists

15.   Imperialism: Large country takes over small country with their military and economic control. They wanted to expand and have new markets.

16.   Yellow journalism: Crazy (Exaggerated) headlines (fake made up stories)

17.   Suffrage: Right to vote

18.   Perfect 36th:  TN was the 36th state vote, to give/approve women’s right to vote.

19.   Prohibition: Alcohol Illegal (Ban alcohol because we thought alcohol was the reason we had crime.

20.   Panamal Canal: Shorted travel distance: Connected the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean

21.   Monarchists: King and Queen

22.   Dictator: One-person controls

23.   Tennessee Valley Authority: dammed Rivers to make electricity.

24.   -Worcester v. Georgia (1832) = ruled that the Cherokee deserved to be protected from harassment = Jackson refused =Trail of Tears = moving them to Arkansas 4,000 died on the way

25.   -Whiskey Rebellion = It proved the govt could enforce its laws

26.   -Stephen Douglas believed what about slavery = Popular Sovereignty 

27.   -Missouri Compromise 1820 = MO a slave state ME a free state & the dividing line of 36*30’

28.   -The Jungle = Upton Sinclar = Meatpacking = Meat Inspection Act & Pure Food and Drug Act

29.   -Hamilton v. Jefferson = Fed v. Anti-fed = National bank v. NO federal bank

30.   -Dred Scott = Free blacks, but not slaves, were citizens of the US = Missouri Comp was declared unconstitutional

31.   -Haymarket Riot = Knights of Labor- weakened the drive to create unions in industry = people looked poorly on unions

32.   -Why was Thomas Jefferson worried about the Louisiana Purchase = was not in the constitution had to use the elastic clause = doubled the size of the US

33.   -Bessemer process = faster and cheaper production of steel

34.   -Homestead Act = 160 acres of free land to any citizen that would settle west

35.   -Col. Custers 7th Cavalry was defeated where = Battle of Little Big Horn

36.   -Erie Canal = opened the Atlantic to the Great Lakes

37.   -Most responsible for the undeclared war b/t the US and France 1797-1800? -XYZ Affair = led to anti-French sentiment

38.   -Main builders of the Transcontinental RR = Irish and Chinese

39.   -Carpetbaggers = Northern Republicans who move to the South after the Civil War to make $

40.   -Scalawags = White Southerners who worked with black people

41.   -Copperheads = Northern Democrat who advocated peace with the Confederacy after the CW

42.   -Why did Reconstruction end = Compromise of 1877 = south agreed to Hayes as president if the north would pull the military out of the south

43.   *Truman on civil rights?

44.   -Domino theory = if one country falls to communism the rest will follow

45.   -Henry Clay = American System = transportation

46.   -4th amendment = search & seizure

47.   -Dollar Diplomacy = Taft extended US investments overseas which would promote stability

48.   -Roosevelt Corollary = stay clear of Latin America = added onto the Monroe Doctrine

49.   -Yellow Journalism = exaggerated stories

50.   -Spanish-American War = US securing independence for Cuba from Spain (SGPP) = US becomes a world power

51.   -Marbury v. Madison = Judicial Review = the right of the Supreme Court to declare a law unconstitutional

52.   -Plessy v. Ferguson = Separate BUT/is equal = 14th amendment

53.   -Brown v. Board- Separate is NOT equal = 14th amendment

54.   -US v. Nixon = had to surrender tapes- court said he had no “executive privileges”

55.   -Korematsu v. US = Jap-Americans in internment camps during WWII were constitutional

56.   -Kansas-Nebraska Act = allow for popular sovereignty

57.   -Jane Addams = Hull House/settlement houses

58.   -Progressives wanted what = Social Reform

59.   -Labor & Knights of Labor

60.   -Henry David Thoreau = Civil disobedience = Transcendentalism 
61.   *Washington and Davis

62.   -13,14,15 Amendment = civil war amendments

63.   -Monroe Doctrine = stay clear of the Western Hemisphere

64.   -Sherman Anti-trust 1890 = to breakup monopolies and trusts

65.   -6th and 8th Amendment = right to a lawyer & no cruel and unusual punishment (you have the right to remain silent)

66.   -Social Darwinism = survival of the fittest (strongest survive)

67.   -Alien and Sedition Acts = 1st amendment = nullification

68.   Pullman Strikes: Strike at steel car(railroad) factory

69.   -Seneca Falls Convention 1848 = Elizabeth C. Stanton & Lucreitta Mott women’s rights = voting rights almost did not pass

70.   -Jim Crow laws = laws segregating society that were upheld in the Plessy v. Ferguson 1896 case

71.   -Open Door Policy = John Hay- keep China opened to all countries

72.   -Boxer Rebellion = Chinese fought against foreigners 

73.   -Wagner Act = labor rights

74.   -Bull Run =1st official battle of Civil War

75.   -Emancipation Proclamation was announced after = Antietam = freed slaves behind confederate lines

76.   -Dawes Act 1887 = broke up the reservation system and gave the Indians 160 acres of land to farm

77.   -US enters War of 1812 = Impressment = GB capturing US sailors and making them fight for their navy

78.   -Horace Mann = father of education

79.   -Antebellum = the period before the CW

80.   -Sacco & Vanzetti = Italian anarchists immigrants who were sentenced to death for killing someone with little evidence after WWI during the 1st red scare

-        Allied leaders in WWII = Churchill, Stalin, FDR

81.   -Containment – stop the spread of communism

82.   *Soviet/American relations 1972 – 1980’s?

83.   -FDR Franklin Delano Roosevelt= New Deal = expanded the economic role of govt helped to preserve capitalism = RRR

84.   -Korean War = why Truman fired MacArthur = talking smack against him calling him weak

85.   -LBJ Linden B. Johnson= Great Society = reform society through expanded govt social welfare = failed to materialize as the world turned toward foreign affairs

86.   -Progressive Movement, New Deal, & G. Society were similar how = Resulted in greater govt involvement in Americans daily lives

87.   -Marshall Plan = giving money aid to EU nations after WWII in order to build their economies back up so we could trade and protect them from communism

88.   -IKE Doctrine = and extension of the Truman Doctrine that the US would aid the Middle East from any communist aggression

89.   -Vietnam War = a major result was federal legislation to limit pres power to use military (War Powers Act 1973) = must notify congress within 48 hours of sending troops

90.   -Wilson 14pts = a series of measures after WWI that would try to make the world safe from future wars

91.   -Why were Americans opposed to the League of Nations? (Art. X) = it works on the alliance system, if one is attacked we would all join the fight = major opposition was Senator H. Lodge = US did not join

92.   -1920’s Standard of living went up!

93.   -Why did farmers experience economic difficulties in the 1920’s = Surplus and prices went down

94.   -FDR “court packing” = to get more judges on the Supreme Court that would support his New Deal programs

95.   -Appeasement = trying to please someone

96.   -Cash & Carry = to help stop Soviet from expanding by allowing allies to buy from the US

97.   -Red Scare = accusing people of being communists, civil liberties threatened

98.   -Nixon = d├ętente = what does it mean towards the Soviet Union = to ease tensions b/t the 2 countries

99.   -Civil Rights anti-discrimination laws have increased opportunities for minorities

100.-Bolshevik Revolution = communists took control of Russia during WWI = US & Soviets relationship deteriorated

101.-Kellogg-Briand & Washington Naval Conference = peace & arms control after WWI that had no enforcement powers

102.-Hoover = felt that federal relief programs (welfare) would destroy individual initiative during the depression

103.-Lend-lease purpose = to assist countries fighting the Axis powers during WWII

104.-Immediate cause of WWII for the US = Pearl Harbor
105.-Japanese internment camps = Civil liberties violations tend to increase in times of stress = Koramatsu v. US

106.-Purpose of the WWII summit conferences in Yalta & Potsdam = was to plan the political future of defeated nations

107.-Andrew Jackson = spoils system

108.-Credit Mobilier Scandal = Railroad scam = Grant

109.-Freedmen’s Bureau = aid for AF’s after the CW, Johnson vetoed but still passed

110.-Freeport Doctrine = Douglass = believed that each state should be able to vote for or against slavery

111.-John Steinbeck = The Grapes of Wrath = dust bowel migration from OK to the west

112.-Cuban Missile Crisis = USSR placed missiles in Cuba facing the US = JFK demanded the Soviets remove them

113.-Affirmative Action = to remedied past discrimination practices (women & minorities)

114.-Kent State = student protest against Vietnam War turns violent

115.-Taft-Hartly Act = vetoed by Truman = placed restrictions on certain union practices

116.-Cesar Chavez = labor leader = migrant farm worker established the United Farm Worker Org

117.-Reaganomics = supply-side economics

118.-Neutrality Acts 1930’s = to keep the US out of WWII

119.-FDR = Good Neighbor policy = to improve relationships b/t the US & Latin America

120.-NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization

121.-Warsaw Pact = Treaty Org for communist European countries = set up to counter NATO

122.-Truman Doctrine = stated that the US would aid & protect any country against any outside pressures after WWII (communism)

123.-Marshall Plan = to help rebuild EU

124.-McCarthyism = Red Scare “witch hunt” (communism)

125.-Domino theory was justification for participating in the Vietnam War = if one falls they all fall

126.-Watergate = showed the laws of the US are superior to the actions of the president = people became disillusioned with govt

127.-Ford = 1st president that was not elected to either the Pres or VP

128.-Persian Gulf = liberated Kuwait from Iraqi control

129.-American writers in the 1920’s = western adventure tales

130.-Truman = justified using the A-bomb b/c it would end the war quickly & save many lives

131.-Island hopping = Secure bases from which to attack Japan in WWII

132.-1950’s trend = suburban areas went up (people moving outside city) Ex. Bartlett, Collierville, etc.

133.-Bay of Pigs = attempt to eliminate this hostile govt so close to the US (Cuba) = failed

134.-Flappers = women who rebelled against traditional values

135.-Harlem Renaissance = a movement where African Americans took pride in their culture = Marcus Garvey

136.-NAFTA & the Open Door Policy = (North American Free Trade Agreement) both tried to expand economics links b/t nations

137.-Great Society tried to bring about anti-poverty reforms

138.-Scopes Trial = a teacher taught his class about the theory of evolution (Social Darwinism) W.J. Bryan tried the case against the teacher who was found guilt under TN law

139.-Manhattan Project = secret project that worked to build the Atomic-bomb. Oakridge, TN place where atomic bomb was built