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Deaf Rights



Deaf Vibe

US History

Here are the guided readings for Chapter 16, 17, and 18.

Chapter 16, 17 QUIZ FRIDAY 

Terms you need to know for the quiz. Remember that you can use your notes. 

Cold War
Mutually Assured Destruction
Mao Zedong
Truman Doctrine
Red Scare
Baby Boom
Nuclear Family
Interstate Highway Act
Rock and Roll
Red Scare
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
38th Parallel
Korean War
GI Bill
Inner City
Urban Renewal

Extra Credit:
Extra Credit Opportunity

If you are interested in earning any extra credit for a missed assignment or low test grade, then you can watch the following video on North Korea and do the following things: 

*if link doesn't work, google search - Secret State of North Korea, Frontline

1) Write a short summary (paragraph or more) of the show.
2) Answer these guestions: 
*how does smuggling in movies & tv shows help fight Kim Jong Un's control? 

*How did the N. Korean girls (on frontline) react when watching the dvd's? 

*What effect did watching these shows have on many North Koreans?

Coach Yarbrough
EXTRA CREDIT: - Can replace 3 homework grades or can take 15 points on a TEST or 25 points on a QUIZ (up to and not to exceed 100 points on the assessment)

***Also, there is another (perhaps more interesting) look at life in North Korea online. It is called "The VICE guide to North Korea"...I don't know much about the program VICE, but the inside look at life under the KIM dynasty is interesting. I can't offer extra credit for that, but you can feel free to watch it if you are interested. 

***Camp 14 documents the life and escape of a North Korean man who was born in a N. Korean prison camp, and who escaped to freedom. VERY interesting and haunting look into unthinkable conditions and "choiceless choices" some people face under Communist oppression. 

Deaf Drama

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Deaf News

There are several events added for May.


Free Sign Language Class at Southaven Library

The M. R. Davis Public Library will offer a free sign language class on

Fridays from 4:30 p.m to 5:30 p.m. starting May 1, 2015 and ending May 29, 2015.

Call the library at (662) 342-0102 if you plan to attend.

8554 Northwest Drive Southaven, MS, 38671


Deaf Education

This blog entry is titled “Student Involvement in the IEP”, but the PDF resource at the end includes good discussion questions outside of an IEP.


PDF resource:


Professional Development for Interpreters

This resources is not an interpreting or sign language resource, but it may help with establishing background knowledge.  The University of Colorado will offer a free online mini medical course.   If you plan to participate, let me know.

Mini Medical School

Jun 8 - Aug 17, 2015

Cost per enrollment: Free


April 24, 6 pm

Deaf Coffee Chat

Starbucks at 970 N. Germantown Pkwy

Cordova, TN 38018


May 1, 6:00 p.m.

Deaf Family Dinner Night Out at Memphis Incredible Pizza, Germantown Square,

1245 N Germantown Pkwy #104, Cordova, TN 38016


May 2, 11:00 a.m.

Read With Me, Sign With Me

Benjamin  L. Hooks Central Library  

3030 Poplar Ave.

Memphis, TN 38111


May 8,  6 pm

Silent Dinner

McAlister Deli, 580 S. Mendenhall Rd., Memphis, TN 38117


May 15, 6:00 p.m.

Silent Dinner at Jason's Deli, 1585 Chickering Lane, Memphis, TN 38016 .


Sunday, May 17, 2:00 p.m. until sunset

Picnic for families of deaf and hard of hearing children

Shelby Farms Pavilion #2

Hot dogs, drinks, and chips will be provided

RSVP by May 13

Call Melanie Bacon at 901.232.1606

or email

Updated Flyer Image:


May 17, 10:00 a.m.

The Grove at Red Oak Lake

Kirby Woods Baptist Deaf Church invites the Deaf Community Friends & Family to their Annual Worship & Picnic with guest speaker Chris Partain. Chris is the Church Planter Apprentice at Brentwood Baptist Deaf Church in Brentwood, Tennessee (Greater Nashville). More information to be announced soon.


May 22, 6:00 p.m.

Deaf Coffee Chat at Starbucks

970 N. Germantown Pkwy

Cordova, TN 38018


I’ve added a link to this Facebook thread/discussion about signing the Star-Spangled Banner ( )  to my Patriotic Songs YouTube Playlist: .


Stay Connected

Memphis Deaf Community of the Mid-South:

KWBCD go to



Check out the links below to find out churches with deaf ministries or interpreted services.  If you have something to add, double click the space.

Deaf Churches/Churches with interpreted service..

For events that may be coming up at your church (revival, etc.), post to this link:  .  Items should be removed after the event.


Gov ch 19 Quiz tomorrow

Monday, April 20, 2015

HIP Reading


Today we will be playing the following games: Mrs. Ferrell will work with students one on one with reading.

Spelling for all students:

For Hard of Hearing Students:


4-20-2015 – Eng. I – Harris
Note:  Congratulations to Mario for winning Super Spartan for the Day!J
Note:  L is absent
1. Do Now:  pg. 739 – Ex. 8, 1-5 – Using commas.
2. Lit. Bk.  Back to the Odyssey.
3. Why did Zeus send a lightning bolt to destroy the ship?  
4. What did the men do that they were not supposed to do?  (turn to 1079)
5. On board:  Homework:  Highlight, annotate, and complete EOC packet.
6. Whose cattle did they sacrifice?  When did they do it? Where was Odysseus?
7. All of the men were destroyed.  In Part II – 20 years has elapsed (happened). Where does he go back to?  What city? Ithaca.  In Part II he comes back to….who? 
8. Turn to pg. 1089.   Odysseus’ son as Telemachus.  Athena appears to Odysseus, son of Laertes.  She tells him to tell his son that he will bring doom to the suitors in the town.  He embraced (hugged) his son and admitted that he was Telemachus’ father. Then Telemachus began to weep as they realized their relationship and how much they missed each other.  The Venetians brought Odysseus on a ship to Ithaca.  His son doesn’t understand how he and and his father will fight so many men.  Odysseus said Athena and father Zeus will watch over them and help them to win.  The father said when he nods toward the son, the son will collect all the armor he can.  Telemachus is about 40 years old.
9. Know which animal is Argus and why.


English Friday

4-15-15 Eng. 1 – Harris
Note:  C and L, come see me if you want to do a makeup quiz!  I told you this yesterday!!

  1. Do Now:  W.C. book, pgs. 759 – 760., Ex. 24.  Answered aloud in class.
  2. For Friday:  On board:  Know vocabulary on pg. 1042.  1,3,4 = 15 questions;  5,6, & 7 = 20 questions.  14 multiple choice and 1 short answer.
  3. On board:  Odyssey – Part 1 /  Odyssey – Part 2 / TEST = 4/17/15 – PART 1 (THAT’S THIS FRIDAY, PEOPLE!!!!)
  4. On board:  Homework:  The Odyssey, Part 1 = Study the epic and vocabulary.
  5. The Odyssey =
  6. What is a Homeric or epic simile?  It’s a simile that is longer.  Pg. 1093, lines: 1063-1065.  To what are their cries being compared to?  Their tears are being compared to the hawk.
  7. What’s the difference between an epic simile and a regular simile?  An epic simile is more elaborate (more involved)and may take several lines. It may also use words of comparison like:  “just as” or “so”.  It might recall an entire place or story.  Epic similes are sometimes called Homeric similes.
  8. Number your paper 1 – 4:  Answer questions regarding Homeric similes using analogies (on smartboard).

Physical Science

Chapter 11 vocab test is this Thursday. 

Friday, April 17, 2015


4-17-15 – Harris – Eng. 1

Note:  J came in late;  L is not here....yet; 

1. Do Now:  W.C. book:  pg. 738, Ex. 7.
2. TEST:  Selection TEST A – From the Odyssey by Homer. 
3. They answered on notebook paper.  
4. Bonus:  What do you call the word or phrase thatmodifies or tells more about a noun?  Sorry, kids, I thought it was adjective.  My bad.  Don’t know what she had in mind, as she announced “adjective” was not the answer.  

Now that I think about it, I think she might have meant “appositive” as it gives more information about a noun.

5. (Ms. Harris showed me the kids’ grades—except for Camryn—and although they may be inflated (higher than average) it’s because of make up grades and Blitz classes, but after this test the grades may go down.

I hope everyone studied and did their very best!*


*Don’t forget there is EOC Blitz classes tomorrow and next Saturday as well.  Yeah, L, for going!  Please try to go as many Saturdays (left) as you can!

News for seniors

Thursday, April 16, 2015



4-16-15 – Harris – Eng. 1

Note:  M is absent; said she thought he was having surgery. (?)

1. Do Now!  Block Day #2, Periods 1,3,5,7.  I gave Ms. Harris the quizzes that C and L took yesterday but Ms. Harris assured me that due to attendance at Saturday school and….something else, can’t remember--- she really didn’t need to enter the grades, but she’ll hold on to them anyway.
2. An EOC packet (Eng. 1 – Item Sampler, pgs. 7 – 38)—quite thick—was distributed and class told to use scantron and paper to answer #1 – 25 on scantron.
3. Students were told to write their name on the packet, and if they came across something they didn’t know or we haven’t covered, to write that down in the margin. They were to complete the packet, writing answers directly in the acketbut just turn in the scantron with #1-25 answered.
4. Take out the sheet yesterday on epic similes.  
5. Thesis (or Topic sentence) = tells you what’s it’s about
6. # 1 = A, #2 = A, #3 = D, #4 = A, #5 = C, (false premise = a statement that is not true), #6 = A, (it was a testimony.  Bandwagon= everybody else thinks it one way, and then you join in; loaded words = you just talk; putting out a lot of words; #7 = C, #8 =B, #9 = D, #10 = C, #11 = 


7. Get in groups of 6.  




Wednesday, April 15, 2015

HIP Ferrell

Thursday we will be doing centers:

Group 1: Will be doing a group puzzle

Group 2: Will label a map

Group 3: GPS Practice

FREE TIME: Map Games

First Trimester

When does life begin?
A question that we discussed today

Early Fetal Devlopment

Inside Pregnancy Fertilization

Inside Pregnancy 1-9 Weeks


Chapter 19 Info

Don't Forget about your propaganda  project that is due next week.

You also have articles due Friday.

Physical Science

HIP Reading

Today we talked about talents and what students are good at. 

We learned the signs for talent and expert. 

We all signed the story "Tom's Special Talent" from ASL Story. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Physical Science

School News

Please read all information as there is likely something here that applies to your student!
SENIORS - Scholarship Report and College Acceptance Report forms are due to Mrs. Heaston April 30th… Scholarships will not be listed in the program if they are not returned by the specified date
For more senior information - please see the bottom of this email for full dates, etc.
Students currently in AP courses
Students currently in AP courses - Advanced Placement permission slips are past due, Advanced Placement test begin at 7:30 and 11:30 May 4 through May 15. Parents please help us ensure students are on time.

We have emailed all students regarding AP applications for the 2015-2016 school year. We are currently processing appeals and all students should be notified today about pending appealed courses.
the athletic booster club is having its final meeting of the 2014-2015 school year.  we’re electing officers for next year—if you’re interested!—and allocating over 20,000.00 for our athletes.  your vote and voice matters and we’d appreciate you joining us on thursday, april 30, at 6 pm in the school library.  you don’t have to be an athlete to participate; just an athletic supporter.
Schedule for US History Testing - This schedule is for the whole school while students test in the library:
Tuesday, April 14                                                                                                             Thursday April 16

2nd period           7:15 – 9:05                                                                                           1st period            7:15 – 9:05
4th period             9:10 – 10:55                                                                                        3rd period           9:10 – 10:55
5th period             11:00 – 12:25                                                                                      5thperiod             11:00 – 12:25
6th period             12:30 – 2:15                                                                                        7th period            12:30 – 2:15
1st, 3rd and 7th periods will not meet on Tuesday.                                               2nd, 4th, and 6th periods will not meet on Thursday.

Cheer parent meeting Tuesday April 14th at  5:30 pm in the library.   Tryouts are scheduled for April 21-23.
Dual Enrollment
Dual Enrollment registration widow is April 13- May 1. If you have any questions contact Mrs. Brown-Malone.

EOC Test DATES: proctors needed! Between 7:45/ 8:00 until 11:00 am.

April 30         Algebra I
May 1           Algebra II and English I
May 4           English II and English III
May 5           Biology and Chemistry

May 6           make up day
Please email: to volunteer on any of these dates

Honors assembly
April 27th 6 pm  9th-11th grades WSHS Auditorium
If your child has been on honor roll or principal’s list or been notified that they are receiving a special award, please plan to be here on this evening for your student’s recognition.
Course Selection Sheets
Course selection sheets are going out this week.  Students will be selecting classes for next year through their English teachers.  These forms are due back Monday.  Counselors will be available for questions.
Pre-Registration Forms
If you did not return your pre-registration form for next school year and you need another copy, please have your student request another form in his or her grade level office.  This form should have come home for you to make changes and return so that your pre-registration process goes more smoothly.
Summer ACT/PSAT Workshop
The summer workshops will be held June 1-12.  The registration form is attached.  It will also be posted at under "resources".

Senior Information that was distributed to students on March 30, 2015:
Monday, May 11th                       Pick up Graduation Tickets in the Cafeteria during all lunches (11:00-12:25)
            Tuesday, May 12th                  Pick up Graduation Tickets in the Cafeteria during all lunches (11:00-12:25)
(Parents or students may pick up tickets; whoever picks them up must count and sign for them.  Students should bring a signed note from parents if they are picking up their own tickets.)

Tuesday, May 12th                     Caps/Gowns Distribution ( Seniors will  go to cafeteria at 1:25  p.m. to
                                                     receive caps/gowns)

 May 13th-14th                             Senior Exams    ( May 13th 2nd/4th/6th   period,  May14th 1st/3rd/5th/7th   period)

             Tuesday, May 19th                  Senior Luncheon – Botanic Gardens  11:30 am – 1:30 pm 
                                                    Students are responsible for their own transportation. Students are not to be on campus the day of the luncheon, they should report straight to Botanic Garden at the time of the luncheon. Students should dress up as if they are attending an awards luncheon.  Dress for young men might include dress slacks/dress shirt and for young ladies would include dress pants or skirt  with a dress top or dress.   No shorts.  No jeans.  No exceptions.

Thursday, May 21st                Seniors are notified by this date of academic deficiencies which will prohibit their participation in graduation ceremony.  All monies owed to the school must be paid by TODAY to avoid having the diploma withheld.

Friday, May 22nd                    Rehearsal begins promptly at 10:30 am at the Cook Convention Center.  There will be only one rehearsal for graduation.  Any senior not at the rehearsal will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony.  Students should park underneath the Convention Center and guests are not allowed. 
Sunday, May 24th                   GRADUATION DAY
2:10 p.m.                      Check in with homeroom teacher in the assembly area.  Students should be in their assigned seats in the backstage area by 2:25 at the very, very latest!
            3:00 p.m.                     Processional begins
After ceremony (Recessional) – Graduates will exit the floor area and pick up their diploma


4-13-15 – Harris – Eng. I
  1. Do Now:  W.C. book, pg. 635, Ex. 3.
  2. We went over this in class.  Know your coordinating conjunctions.  Be able to give her 6.
  3. Lit. Bk. Pg. 1084, practice A.  pg. 633 – read the top of this page!  Read the rules and the examples, and then re-read the “Do Now.”
  4. The class did exercises  3 and 4 and 5 around the topic of proper pronoun case usage.
  5. Reviewed briefly the story of the Odyssey.  It helps to read it by sections.  
  6. We know they tied him up but look at 1073- when does he give the speech.  Note line 766, but first look at 1075.  How many arms, how many people does she have, what is she made up?  She has the men wrapped up.  Her arms are called what? tentacles.  What’s coming out of her face? How many faces d you count?  Note: she ate 6 people.
  7. On board:  Odyssey – Par 1  &  Odyssey – Part 2 = TEST ON 4/17/15.
  8. Bring her any extra credit work you have to her by tomorrow.

On board:  Bring me tearable puns to me tomorrow. All extra credit and EOC credit will post at the end of tomorrow.