Monday, September 26, 2016

Chapter 2 notes are on coaches Blog. 


Friday, September 23, 2016


Isiip Chapter 4


Chapter 4 Homework

Biology Project Worksheet: As students present their projects, students are to fill out the chart below. If they are absent, please get from another student or research online.


13 Reasons Why Questions

Remember next week:
Monday-Wednesday: Bring your Lit Book to class
Thurs-Fri: Bring 13 Reasons Why Book to class

US History

Chapter 2 Guided Reading


Homework: Label and color Central and South America

You also have a quiz on Monday over the numbers 1-30

Monday, September 19, 2016

US History

We have a Chapter 1 Lesson 2-5 Test tomorrow. Bring your notebooks and study your notes.

Study Guide for entire class:
*Study the following ideas/terms/etc...
—Marbury v. Madison
—Judicial Review
—Election of 1800
—12th Amendment
—Louisiana Purchase
—War of 1812
—Monroe Doctrine
—Missouri Compromise
—Popular Sovereignty
—Jacksonian Democracy
—Spoils System
—*Study the Civil War VIDEO GUIDE
—The Civil War
—Dred Scott v. Sandford
—Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Compromise of 1850
—Kansas-Nebraska Act
—“Bleeding Kansas”
—John Brown
—Election of 1860
—Confederate States of America
—Fort Sumter
—Strategies for Union & Confederacy
—Advantages/Disadvantages for Union and Confederacy
—Robert E. Lee
—Ulysses S. Grant
—Rifle Musket & Minie Ball
—William Tecumseh Sherman
—Turning Points of the Civil War

Study Guide for Version C


English 1: Novel questions 1-13 due Friday. Also, Ex. 16 on page 447 in Writers Choice
Text back to reply

Spanish 2

Villarreal's Quizlet: Please ask to join

Monday, September 12, 2016

US History

US History - Notes 9/7/16

1) Homework -  Write Notes (Chapter 1 Lesson4) in Cornell form.

*Chapter 1 Lessons 2-5 Test will be Thursday, 9/15 (This will cover information from Chapter 1 Lessons 2 - 5; Look for a review guide on this site next week)
Chapter 1 Lesson 4 - Road to the Civil War
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US History - Notes 9/9/15

1) Homework - Write Notes (9/8/15) in cornell form. 
Chapter 1 Lesson 5 - The Civil War
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US History - Online Readings 9/12/16

*Read the following article from the New Yorker regarding the history of the Underground Railroad and its representation throughout history.
1) Article - The Perilous Lure of the Underground Railroad

*Read the following documents to help you understand the reasons for South Carolina's secession following the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860.
1) South Carolina Declaration of Causes of Secession
2) "5 Myths about why the South Seceded", by James Loewen

Extra Credit Opportunity

Event: Facing History and Ourselves TEACH IN at Margolin Hebrew Academy on 9/29
Info: Click HERE to learn more about the event.
Task: 1) Attend the event (bring an adult; Not required, but requested by FHAO)
2) Write 300 word essay about the event (more instructions coming soon...)

Physical Science



Define these voc words. 

Remember your chapter two voc and your chapter 2 questions are due on test day. 


Spanish II

Thursday we will have a quiz on your numbers 1-30. You have to be able to write them. You will also be tested on your body parts/characteristics.

Quizlet on Body Parts

Quizlet for Holidays:


Spanish Numbers

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Geom HW for Barron and Fedavius-- pg 42 (36-42 even).

Physical Science

Voc Test 9/15


Notes from Today

Homework: Do at least half of exercises 3 and 4 on page 440 in grammer book. DUE FRIDAY

US History

Chapter 1 Lesson 2

Quizlet for the terms that we have been discussing:

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

US History

US History - Notes 9/6/16

Chapter 1 Lesson 2 - 3
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US History - Notes 9/7/16

1) Homework - Complete reading of Chapter 1 Lesson 4 and complete the lesson review questions.
2) Write Notes (Chapter 1 Lessons 2 & 4) in Cornell form.

*Chapter 1 Lessons 2-5 Test will be next week (Wednesday or Thursday) (This will cover information from Lessons 2 - 5; Look for a review guide on this site next week)

Chapter 1 Lesson 4 - Road to the Civil War
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