Thursday, October 23, 2014


Economics Supply & Demand Posters

Supply and Demand Posters

English Harris Thursday

10-23-14= Harris – Eng. I
With the exception of Cameron, all of our kids had to go to the 9th gr office this morning for being out of uniform.
  1. Do Now! Lit. Bk:  pg. 807, Write down the character list.  WC Book: Read pgs. 645 and 646, Do. Ex. 18, 1-10.  Write sentences!!
  2. On Board:  Do Now!  Check of 10 total:  10/3. 10/13, 20/14, 10/15. 10/16, 10/17, 10/20, 10/21, 10/22, and today, 10/23.
  3. On Board:  Homework:  Read 798A – 799 Reread pg. 805. Google – W. Shakespeare. – find something interesting about him.
  4. Check Parent-connect.  If you ever see “0” it’s because you didn’t give the assignment to me, because no work is equivalent to a “0”.  If you see “0” you need to see me about what it is you’re missing or just turn in the work needed.
  5. Turn to 645 and 646 in W.C. book.  Clear Pronoun reference.  What is an antecedent?  The noun to which a pronoun refers.  Be sure to not use: this, that, it or which in a sentence unless it’s antecedent is clear.
  6. She asked:  Who is Paris?  Who is Romeo?  Who is Mercutio?  Who is Samson?  Who is Peter? You need to have all that information.
  7. If you come to class and you don’t have an assignment – ask her if you can go online on one of her computers.  
  9. “Ambiguous” =having 2 or more possible meanings.  Write this down on your “Do Now” sheet.
Ex:  When the ticket slips between the reports, they were lost.    To make it clear:
When the ticket slipped between the reports, the tickets were lost.
  1. Be sure you finish Ex. 18.

Will pick there tomorrow!  Bring a pencil tomorrow---you better!   

English Character Printout

Spanish Thursday

Here is today's power point

Remember that your notebooks and your weather project is due tomorrow. We also have a Unit 3 vocabulary test tomorrow.

Quizlet Unit 3: Weather

Today we add page 52 to our notebook, make sure you check the Powerpoint for details and ask to borrow someones notebook to see what you need to add.

HIP Reading

Today we used it as a make up day.

1. We finished our Word Mat from yesterday (if they did not finish for homework, points were taken off)
2. We finished our holiday cards for the military and their families.

Tomorrow will be a sign story day.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Economics Chapter 16

This is due at the end of class on Thursday. 

English Harris

10-22-14 – Eng.I – Mrs. Harris

  1. Do Now!  Write down the top 7 problems you anticipate having with reading “Romeo and Juliet” –Do not use vocabulary.
  2. Still on board:/  Anticipate a Do Now check – it must MUST be in a composition book.
  3. To access lit book online:    -   user:  englishone one     -   pass: periods124
  4. Objective:  Shakespeare – Acquire background knowledge and vocabulary pre-reading activity.
  5. The class was given 10 things about Shakespeare’s life.  He married Ann Hathaway.  He was born on Stratford on Avon in England.  He died of unkown causes.
  6. Where is a prologue in a book or story = at the beginning.  It provides an introduction to the story.  Yesterday you were to read pg. 807.  Read it again.
  7. Homework:  re-read 805, Read 798A – 799.

Niedens Algebra Plus

Alg 1 plus kids should have completed last 3 items in this picture. 


McDonald's classes need to finish a handout and study for Chapter 4 vocabulary test for tomorrow. 

Reading Wednesday

Today we worked on a Word Mat. We are going to start doing Worksheet Wednesday's.

Students were suppose to complete this for homework if they did not finish during class.

US History

Here is Chapter 5 Everything
Students were given Chapter 5 Section 1 and 2 Cornell Notes and had to copy their own 5:3 Notes from the board. All notes, etc can be found below.

We have a notebook check tomorrow. Chapter 5 Test Friday.


Today in Biology Mrs. Kannady discussed Evolution

BrainPop Videos
Username: acps

Human Evolution

Natural Selection

Charles Darwin

Spanish Wednesday

Wednesday's Spanish PowerPoint (Weather Continued)

For vocabulary Words see yesterday's post or Quizlet. Remember that we have a Unit 3 Vocabulary Test on Friday and our Weather Project/notebooks are due on Friday. 

Unit 3 Quizlet: Test Friday

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

US History

Mondays assignment:

HIP Reading

Team 1: ABC Mouse
Team 2: Read a book "Time for School" Once every student in Team 2 was able to read the book themselves, they were able to get on ABCMouse

Team 1: Read the story together "Salt" and answered the questions. We will work on the questions later in the week.
Team 2: Completed Workbook packet "letter d" and then was able to work on ABCMouse


Letter to Parents:
October 17, 2014

Dear Parents of Deaf or Hard of Hearing Students,
White Station High School has recently established a Junior National Association of the Deaf (NAD) school chapter and would love for your Deaf or hard of hearing child to be apart of it.
What is Junior NAD you ask?
The Junior NAD, a program of the NAD, offers deaf and hard of hearing students in 7th through 12th grade opportunities to develop leadership skills, learn and demonstrate citizenship, and meet and interact with students from other schools and states.
Junior NAD chapters focus on advocacy, attitude, awareness, commitment, cooperation, friendship, information exchange, involvement and leadership skills. WSHS JRNAD chapter will have meetings and participate in many activities such as community events and fundraisers. Skills and values obtained by chapter members during these meetings and events will help them to become future leaders and advocates in the deaf and hard of hearing community.
Your Deaf or hard of hearing child can participate in the Junior NAD by joining the new chapter at White Station High School. If your child would like to join, please fill out the attached form and turn it in to Mrs. Ferrell by Thursday October 23, 2014.


Mrs. Ferrell
Teacher for the Deaf
White Station High School

Spanish Monday and Tuesday

PowerPoint from Monday

PowerPoint from Tuesday

Class in Quizlet


PROJECT: Due Friday (See below for details)